Buying a Yacht: Where to Keep Your Boat?

Purchasing a yacht is a milestone for every American household. It is something a family wants to cruise in during the hot summer, enjoying the breeze on the river or the ocean. What most do not consider however are the small decisions that come attached. A yacht is a sizeable investment; you would have saved for years or taken a mortgage for it. To add, there are some fees, here and there involved.

While there are many considerations involved with owning and operating such a vessel, this article will focus on where to keep your boat. There are three major options when it comes to boat storage: in-water boat storage, dry outdoor boat storage, and dry boat storage indoors.

In-water boat storage

Depending on your location, the weather might be favorable all year round. You would want your boat docked where your use it any time. Look up the local marina and ask for some in water or wet storage space. It is the most convenient of the options here. What you might want to consider here are the docking fees. But measured against the convenience and the repetitive use of boat trailers, it is worth it.

Dry outdoor boat storage

Considering you have the space on your property, you can consider storing your boat on your property. The biggest advantage of this is the cost, it is free! It doesn’t mean that you will have peace of mind. You will have to install some security measures against thieves and also vandals. There is also the change in the weather elements that you must also consider.

Dry boat storage indoors

Of the three, this could be considered the most expensive alternative but it also offers the most protection. The best indoor boat storage comes in the form of a “dry stack” facility which will be multi-tiered. The building is perfect since your boat will be dry regardless of the change in weather.

A cheap variant of this form of storage is storing your boat at home. You can build a shed or a garage protecting your boat from the elements while keeping a close eye on it.

Yacht Security

As you consider the storage of your yacht overnight or for an extended period, you should also consider what you can do to ensure is investment is secure. Here are some security tips that will give you an extra wink of sleep:

  • Invest and install an alarm.
  • Every time you leave your boat, ensure that you have removed all expensive gear. No need to give a thief incentive.
  • Look into ways someone can break your yacht. Mostly, consider your hatches and windows and also your locks.
  • Do an inventory of all equipment on your boat.
  • Take insurance.

The horizon awaits

With the above tips, owning and using your yacht should be one of the most exciting decisions you have made. You can mix in some sport when you are out and about with your family. And when you come back to dock, your yacht will be safe and sound.