Top Travel Destinations: Where to Go When the Snow Melts

Winter is filled with happy thoughts of Christmas, hot cocoa, and slipping into your new holiday sweater. You dream of the falling snowflakes and how beautiful the streets will look in white.

Well, others are not as cold-blooded as the general population. If they had a choice, they would change the order of the seasons or the nature of the seasons themselves. Below, you will find warmer destinations that you can travel to and escape the anger of the harsh winter. The destinations have temperatures that remind you of spring and also have activities that you can take part in.


This destination is a charming spot along the coastline. Even in the winter, the weather is quite toasty. You can move around in a light jacket. No need to burden yourself with parkas, mittens, and heavy scarfs.

As South Carolina’s third oldest city, you will fall in love with the atmosphere of the locals. This will encourage you to try out the local restaurants and diners as you stroll along Harborwalk. During the day, you should try your hand at winter fishing. Sea trout and black drum are the common fish here.

St. Mary’s

If you are looking to enjoy your beautiful sun, we recommend St. Mary’s in Georgia. It is also located next to a water body. With the warm temperatures, the sun in your face, and some seafood on your plate, you can almost lie to yourself since it’s summer.

While you are there, we encourage you to visit the Cumberland Island National Seashore. To get there from downtown, you will have to take the Cumberland Island Ferry. There are miles of hiking trails at your destination.


Paradise. That one word is enough to describe this destination. All you have to do is google photos of this magical place. Words cannot express how beautiful and tropical this place looks compared to the drab snow on the other side.

One sure way to enjoy yourself here is by taking a trip to Four Mile Beach. Snorkeling is the recommended activity here. You can also visit the Hilo Farmers Market and enjoy your pick of the best fresh fruits in the region.


This destination is located in Arizona. The sun is always shining here in the height of winter. This makes the place ideal for hosting many activities.

During the winter season, the city of Yuma has its annual Yuma Medjool Date Festival. The festival is to celebrate the growth and harvesting of dates that are grown in the region. Some marathons are hosted in this period. One of them is the Yuma Territorial Marathon and Half Marathon. If you have been training the whole year, this is the place to come and test your mettle.

We also recommend taking a cruise along the Yuma River.