Where the Cruise Begins: Top Mediterranean Destination Should You Sail

The Mediterranean is a top cruise destination and rightly so. The area offers a diverse option. The Mediterranean will give you access to about twenty or so counties spread out in Northern Africa and Southern Europe. With every stop, tourists get to experience a new religious and cultural setting. From delicious and rich wines in Europe to the beautiful ports in Africa, you should consider a Mediterranean Disney Cruise.

You might be wondering which stopovers and destinations are the best. A trip is only as good as the destinations and the experience after all. With this article, you can make your cruise worthwhile.

Aeolian Islands

The Aeolian Islands are named after the Roman God, Aeolus, the god of the winds. That’s probably the reason why you will have a smooth journey to the islands. The Islands are located off the Sicilian coast. The destination is known for its nightlife in the populated islands of Panarea, Salina, and Lipari.

For the nature lovers and geologists reading, you are in luck. There are two active volcanoes in the area: Stromboli and Vulcano. They are active volcanoes. You can be enjoying a red wine as you enjoy the fireworks.

The Bay of Naples

You will probably recognize this part of the world from a photo or a movie. The area is quite photogenic with its clear, blue waters, islands in the distance, and picturesque coastline. So, make sure you carry your camera. You might want to take a trip to the beach; who knows, you might meet a celebrity on vacation just like you.

Make sure you visit the ruins of Pompeii and get a taste of local seafood in the little diners on the beachfront.


As the second-largest island in the Mediterranean, you must stopover at Sardinia. Experienced sailors are known to taste the waters in Sardinia. Winds in the area have been known to blow at speeds of over 20 knots and more. (Beginners, beware!) The rugged coastline of Sardinia is peppered with natural anchorages and harbors that make the island a sailor’s dream.

The Turquoise Coast

Remember our short mention of cultures and traditions? It doesn’t get better than the Turkish coastline, where the east meets the west. You should walk the streets and try out the local street food. There is no better way to get to enjoy an area’s culture. Also, buy a souvenir or two at the local market of Fethiye.

The Turkish Coastline has many archeological sites. Ephesus is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites that you should visit. Some of the sites that you should photograph while on Ephesus include the Temple of Artemis, the Great Theatre, and the Library of Celsus.

What time to visit?

You can jump on a cruise to the Mediterranean any time of the year. The region experiences a good climate, making it an all-year destination. Escape the cold and harsh winters with a trip to the Mediterranean come next year.